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Schedule Development & Monitoring

At Swint Consulting Service LLC, we understand that any project can fall off track without a proper schedule.  Our goal is to prepare a proper schedule, monitor the schedule, and quickly identify any problem.  Once a scheudling problem is identified, we evaluate and find the optimal solution to get the project back on track.

Our services at a glance:

Project Scheduling 

  • Prepare design schedule to provide a road map for the planning/design process
  • Develop construction milestone schedule for insertion into bid packages.
  • Establish phasing potential and prepare documents for bidding purposes.


Construction Scheduling

  • When necessary prepare detailed construction schedule for use by contractors using MS Project or Primavera P6.
  • Review the contractors construction schedule for consistancy with project and standard sequences.
  • Monitor schedule progress and report to Owner on a monthly basis.
  • Where required, push for modification to schedule and review with prime contractors.


Progress Meetings and Reports

  •  On-site construction meeting participation on behalf of Owner to monitor and discuss scheduling services.