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Total Project Management

Having project management that has the experience to provide you with peace of mind is paramount.  Swint Consulting Service LLC has a proven track record to manage all aspects of the construction project.  The services listed below, in conjunction with the Cost Estimating/Control and Schedule Development & Monitoring Services provide a Total Project Management Delivery of your construction Project.

Total Project Management makes certain that your project will be designed based on your vision and budget, and constructed in a quality manner, on budget, and in a time frame that meets your needs.


Our services at a glance:


Design Reviews

  • Attend all Core Team design review meetings held by the Architect and/or Owner.
         (Not all user group meetings but those that are necessary)
  • Assist Architect during schematic design phase in order to ensure that the drawings are progressing sufficiently to allow for proper estimating and construction.


Preconstruction Meetings

  • Facilitate preconstruction meetings with prime contractors and Owner personnel, develop minutes and distribute.

Construction Administration

  • Develop and implement all field work authorization tools and formats.                
  • Develop cash-flow analysis
  • Coordinate dispute resolution.
  • Facilitate billing processes with prime contractor, including approval of draft applications for payment.
  • Establish lines of communication and authority among prime contractors, Architect and Owner.


Construction Observation

  • Verification that up-to-date contract documents are being used in the field and take such action on behalf of the Owner as is appropriate to ensure that up-to-date contract documents are being used in the field.


Quality Control

  • Develop limits of responsibility with Architect as they apply to inspection and corrective policies.
  • Review quality control issues in pre-start meetings with prime contractors.
  • Evaluate corrective measures in association with Architect.
  • Report the discovery of any inferior materials or workmanship to the responsible prime contractor, the Architect and Owner.
  • Verify corrective action is complete per the contract documents.
  • Monitor owner’s testing to verify all tests comply with contract documents. Report any deficiencies to the responsible parties and verify satisfactory correction


Final Commissioning/Closeout

  • Verify that the contractors are aware of and are following the commissioning and closeout procedures
  • Track the process so that there is a reporting mechanism for status updates